Below are various player versions of the Retiree Club's 16th birthday lunch 2010 in Rio Vista.

(All versions display the identical subject, i.e., they are all the same video shown in different resolutions or quality.)

This was done to make sure you can play at least one version on your device.

NOTE: If you don't get a download or start of play with one indicated codec, go to the next one.

Here goes:

Rio Vista1 Codec = MTS

Rio Vista2 Codec = PCM

Rio Vista3 Codec = MTS2

Rio Vista4 Codec = WMV

Rio Vista5 Codec = mpg

Rio Vista6 Codec = mov

Rio Vista7 Codec = Divx

Files may either download or play directly, depending on you System's capability or your setup. Either way, it may take some time to get started as some of the copies are HUGE.

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