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Check this for today's market.

This was the market as of January 15, 2009: --- Dow Jones: 8212.49 --- S&P 500: 843.74 ---. At the time I said: "The stockmarket hit another low point. It may be time to take the "Sage of Omaha," Warren Buffet, by his word .- He had said this: "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful...." Mr. Buffet is probably the most successful investor of all time. He had been buying stocks for his personal account at the recent low market rate. From this I concluded, that the future will be looking better. In other words, the fear (of the general investing public) being at its greatest right now, it was time to be greedy. Therefore, I invested a (for me) considerable amount of money in the stock market, betting that it will provide great increases over the next few years. I think in three, four years the above-mentioned stock prices will look pretty damn good."


Of course I could have been wrong! But I did it anyway!

So far it has worked out well.

As they always say, there are RISKS involved


New: It is February 10, 2016, Markets are down!

Dow Jones: 15,914.74

S&P 500: 1,851.86

Here is another chance I am taking:

The market is down and I am heeding Warren Buffett again.



01/21/09: I got some email requests asking me which stocks. I don't give advice. I talk only about what I do. However, I don't invest in individual stocks. I invest only in Index Funds. I don't like to pay commissions or high expense ratios. Index funds are cheaper than managed funds and generally perform better, as well. But don't take my word for it. Read this information instead:

Note: Some of these links are commercial sites and as such I do not necessarily endorse their utilization. Instead, I show the connections for educational purposes.

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Long-Term and Short-Term Stock Market Returns from Mike Piper on Vimeo.


Below is a short but great reading list to get you started:

*** Charles Mackay: Extraordinary Popular Delusions & The Madness of Crowds. ***

*** Peter Bernstein: Against the Gods, The Remarkable Story of Risk ***

*** Burton G Makiel: A Random Walk Down Wall Street. ***

*** John C Bogle: Common Sense on Mutual Funds. ***

*** Charles D. Ellis: Winning The Looser's Game ***

*** Roger C. Gibson: Asset Allocation: Balancing Financial Risk ***

*** Henry Hazlitt: Economics in One Lesson ***

*** Larry E. Swedroe: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know : How You Can Build Real Wealth Investing in Index Funds ***

Look 'em up at or in your local book store.


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